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 Veterans With Diabetes International

What Is Diabetes?
What are the types of Diabetes
Diabetes: The silent killer
Things you should know about Type 1 Diabetes
Things you should know about Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Terms & Definition
Agent Orange Identified as cause Diabetes Type 2
Agent Orange and Type 2 Diabetes
VA achievements in Diabetes care
Diabetes and Depression: A Double Downer
Diabetes & Foot Pain
What Is Hypoglycaemia?
Diabetes a look ahead
Simple acts that make a difference

The Quality of life in Diabetics

Skin Care
Foot Care
4 Steps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Preventing Complications from Diabetes
Preventing Type 1 Diabetes Complications
How do you avoid complications?
Common side effects of Diabetes treatment
Coping with complications
Preventing Complications from Diabetes
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Tips to improve testing habits
Dispelling the myths
Diabetes Burnout
Diabetes the facts & figures
Diabetes Links 1
Diabetes Links 2
Diabetes Information Board
Diabetes Recipe Board
Diabetes Sweets Recipe Board