Treatment and Coping

There are many ways to take care of yourself following the traumatic experiences of war. Here you will find information on help for veterans. See the PTSD Information Center for more information about how to cope and treatment options.

Fact Sheets on Treatment and Coping for Veterans:

Common Reactions to Trauma

People experience a range of reactions following trauma (see PTSD Information Center for more complete information on these reactions). Here you will find information on what the common reactions are to war zone experiences.

Fact Sheets on Common Reactions to Trauma for Veterans:

  • Nightmares
    Explains what nightmares are, how common they are, how they are related to PTSD, and what effective treatments exist.
  • Anger and Trauma
    Describes the relationship between trauma and anger and provides treatment strategies for the three manifestations of anger.
  • War-Zone-Related Stress Reactions: What Veterans Need to Know
    Military personnel in war zones frequently have serious reactions to their traumatic war experiences. Most reactions are temporary, but sometimes the reactions continue after service members return home. Here you will find out what these reactions look...
  • Common Reactions After Trauma
    Following exposure to a trauma most people experience stress reactions. Here is a description of the types of common symptoms that can occur. Common problems are also addressed.
  • What If I Have Sleep Problems? (PDF)
    Provides a list of ten things to do about sleep problems as well as information on nightmares and how sleep problems are treated.

Related Problems

PTSD is just one of the effects of trauma. This section provides information on other related problems that can occur following war and combat, such as traumatic grief, or criminal behavior. More information on related problems can be found in the PTSD Information Center.

Fact Sheets on Related Problems for Veterans:

Videos for Veterans and their Families

The National Center for PTSD has a number of videos available to help Veterans and their Families understand trauma and PTSD.
Please note: Videos may be viewed online or downloaded but cannot be purchased or distributed.