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© MSG. I. S. Parrish, USA Retired
ISBN 0-7414-0077-4
Published by Infinity Publishing
Bryn Mawr, PA

Last Updated 05-28-04

A Short Overview of PTSD and the Disability Process

Table of Contents

PART I : Defining the Problem

Chapter 1. History and Definition of PTSD

  • General

  • History

  • Definitions

  • Personal Experience

  • SITREP 1939-40

Chapter 2. Causes and Effects (Revised)

PART II: Treatment

Chapter 3. Traditional Treatment (Revised)

  • General

  • Lack of Treatment

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Rehab

  • ADDED (10-14-03)- Vocational Rehabilitation

  • VA Programs

  • The Truth of The Matter

  • Personal Experiences

  • SITREP 1943-45

Chapter 4. Non Traditional Treatment: Professionally Assisted

Chapter 5. Non Traditional Treatment: Self Help (Under Revision)

Chapter 6. Medication (complete chapter - Revised)

  • General (Revised)

  • Symptoms Treated (Revised)

  • Personal Experiences

  • SITREP 1965-66

PART III: The Paperwork

The PTSD Personal Worksheet

Chapter 7. Working with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)(Revised)

Chapter 8. Writing The Stress Letter

Chapter 9. Primary Documentation Sources

Chapter 10. Letters, Forms, Notices and Statements (Revised)

Part IV. Moving On

Chapter 11. The Past and Future

  • General

  • The Past

  • The Future

  • SITREP 1991


A - Bibliography
B - Glossary
C - Statistics
D - Veterans Service Organizations
E - Documentation Sources - General
F - Documentation Sources - Books
G - VA Facilities: Hospitals, Clinics, Vet Centers
H - Blank Forms
I - Board of Veterans Appeals Pamphlet "Understanding the Appeals Process" (Complete Pamphlet - PDF format)
J - Parts of 38 C.F.R., Federal Benefits Manual, & Manual M-2 References
K- Guide for Submission of PTSD Research Request
L - Index

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