Clicks with a mouse, fireworks will go up to the position.
It is fairly beautiful if it hits repeatedly. Please try a various way.

Flash after the smoke under rise or explosion is rather beautiful.
Fireworks with a fantastic atmosphere can be launched.
The number of the maximum bits 10,000 pieces.
Those who have a margin in processing need to enlarge size, and need to enjoy it.

[Example of applet]
<applet code=jhanabi.class width=300 height=200>
    <param name=para_bits    value="10000">
    <param name=para_max     value="100">
    <param name=para_blendx  value="50">
    <param name=para_blendy  value="50">
    <param name=para_sound   value="1">

[Explanation of parameter]
Fireworks can be set off within the number of the maximum bits. A color is random. A screen can specify arbitrary sizes. It is beautiful, if a margin is in processing and screen size will be enlarged.

para_bits   : simultaneous bits (maximum of10000)
para_max    : maximum bits (maximum of 10000)
para_blendx : side flows (0-255)
para_blendy : vertical flows (0-255)
para_sound  : Sound setup (0:sound nothing 1:explosion are 2:discharge sound) 

JHANABI is a free applet. Use freely.

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