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2,709,965 Who served in Vietnam

1,870 POW/MIA'S

58,226 who were KIA


The Real Reason Kerry Lost The Elections

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Wounds That Never Heal

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Stolen Honor
( former Vietnam POWs )

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Swiftvets' cause might live on
Kerry not able 'to go back peacefully into the Senate'


Will Kerry Be Back In 2008?--CBS, 11-09-04

When hell freezes over!

John Kerry ... the gift that keeps on giving?--WorldNetDaily, 11-12-04

Swiftvet O'Neill: If Kerry Comes Back, So Will We

If John Kerry tries to reclaim his party's presidential nomination in 2008, as he suggested he'll do to a group of his campaign aides last week, he'll have to do battle with the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth all over again.

This That was the pledge on Sunday from John O'Neill, leader of the group of Vietnam veterans that many credit with stopping the Kerry campaign's political momentum dead in its tracks.

"If he comes back and runs for president again, we'll come down out of the mountain - all of us," O'Neill told WABC Radio's Monica Crowley.

O'Neill said he hoped Kerry wouldn't try to make a comeback.

"If he doesn't, of course, we'd all like to go home. We're not political folks," he insisted.

"Hopefully, we'll be able get together again in 35 more years and not have to worry in the meantime about John Kerry," O'Neill told Crowley.

'Unfit for Command' Author Considers Challenging Kerry in Senate Race

John Kerry's nightmarish challenge by his Swift Boat veterans and their allies may not be over.

NewsMax recently chatted with Jerry Corsi, the co-author with Swiftee John O'Neill of "Unfit for Command" – the runaway New York Times best seller that torpedoed Kerry's presidential campaign.

Attending a conference in the suburbs of Washington recently, Corsi let it be known that he is actively considering a run against Sen. Kerry when his term is up.

Corsi is not a Massachusetts native, but says he has already scouted for property to declare his residence there.

He appeared excited about the challenge. Federal law allows him to declare his candidacy at any time and open up a full fusillade against the Senate's most liberal member.

Corsi thinks his criticisms of Kerry will be well received in the state that elected Republican Mitt Romney. Even Bush fared better in Massachusetts in 2004 against its home state candidate than he did against Gore in 2000.

Corsi also notes that his Italian-Irish ancestry will give him an edge in a state given to ethnic voting. Kerry is neither Irish nor Italian, Corsi notes.

As word has circulated about a possible candidacy, Corsi says he has been flooded with e-mails of support.

Corsi said he has read news reports that Kerry is considering a lawsuit against him, O'Neill and the Swift Boat Vets.

Presumably the suit would be for defamation. The New York Post's Page Six quoted a top aide to Kerry saying the senator would need to file such a suit if he has any prayer of making a presidential bid in 2008. Incredibly, Kerry is said to be considering such a run.

Corsi said he and O'Neill have discussed the possibility of the lawsuit, and both said they might offer to pay Kerry for the FedEx charges to serve them with any court papers.

"Quote me: Bring it on!" Corsi said with a chuckle.


Swift Vets and POWs for Truth


Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth
                                        Service to Country

To: Senator John Kerry (D-MA)

Upon your return from Vietnam, you betrayed your fellow veterans by accusing them of engaging in horrendous war crimes. Through your post-war activities, and during Senate testimony viewed by the entire nation, you created and nurtured the myth that American soldiers in Vietnam were involved in such crimes on a daily basis, and that such activity was sanctioned by our commanding officers. Specifically, you stated that we: "had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, [and] razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan."

You continue today to make claims of atrocities for which you have no documentation, no support, and no evidence.

You met with North Vietnamese officials in Paris and worked with them in the furtherance of their political and military objectives against the United States.

As you now seek to become Commander in Chief of our armed forces, we believe it is incumbent upon you to better explain to the American public your conduct in this matter. Specifically, we ask you to:

  • Acknowledge to the American public that you did not personally witness any such atrocities or, in the alternative, cite such examples and then provide an explanation of what actions you took relative to these alleged war crimes.
  • Explain to the American public the nature and extent of war crimes in which you participated.
  • Explain to the American public your justification for contacting and working in conjunction with a foreign government then at war with the United States.
  • Provide an acknowledgment and apology to the American veterans for your all encompassing accusations, and more specifically to our POWs for any extensions of their internment caused by your actions.
  • Personally respond factually to the challenges made against your service in Vietnam by some 275 men who served with you.

Senator Kerry, the vast majority of the men who served with you, and the entire chain of command, have refuted your representations of your conduct in Vietnam. To date, you have repeatedly refused to respond to these statements, electing instead to have professional political operatives flood the media with efforts to discredit these former comrades. We want to hear from you.

We the undersigned consider your response on these five points to be critical to this nation's decision to entrust our military forces to you. If you betrayed us once, we need to be assured that you will not do it again.

It is time for you to set the record straight.

Sign~~> Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth online petition  <~~Sign


"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and
undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged."

Abraham Lincoln
-- President Abraham Lincoln --

We Americans have declared war on terrorism, in a time of war we back up our troops and we don't demonstrate against a declared war. If the supposedly religiously misguided terrorists, an enemy of our country and our way of life, do attack this country again the blame should be placed directly on the ones who gave these killers of the innocent, aid and comfort, through their dishonorable and misguided protests and rantings, ostensibly objecting to the U.S. military campaign against terrorism, the liberal media, and the Hollywood big mouths.


“Call to Arms” for Viet Nam Veterans, their families, friends, and supporters, all veterans of our armed forces and of course, our nation’s men and women currently in uniform.

Setting the record straight

No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now. Rarely have so many people been so wrong about so much. Never have the consequences of their misunderstanding been so tragic not only to America but also to the soldiers who fought that war. 

Isolated atrocities committed by American soldiers produced torrents of outrage from antiwar critics like Jane Fonda, John Kerry and the news media. If there were atrocities commited on a "day to day basis"  as Kerry would have America believe, our news media would have been right there foaming at the mouth with pen in hand, it was the big lie, the Fonda-Kerry lie.   The news media had no "day to day basis" atrocities they could prove, so they ate up and reported every word Kerry-Fonda said, with no thought of what it was doing to Americas best.

Meanwhile Communist atrocities were so common that they received hardly any attention at all. The United States sought to minimize and prevent attacks on civilians while North Vietnam made attacks on civilians a centerpiece of its strategy. Communists who did so received commendations. From 1957 to 1973, the National Liberation Front assassinated 36,725 South Vietnamese and abducted another 58,499. The death squads focused on leaders at the village level and on anyone who improved the lives of the peasants such as medical personnel, social workers, and schoolteachers.

June 1st, 1971- In support of the Nixon Administration's conduct of the war, a group named the Vietnam Veterans for a Just Peace declares that it represents the majority of the U.S. veterans that had served in Southeast Asia, and calls the protests and congressional testimony of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War "irresponsible."

Atrocities - every war has atrocities. War is brutal and not fair. Innocent people get killed. But the young American men who fought that war were not brutal, mindless, murderers, they were your sons, your fathers, your relatives, your friends and neighbors they were 18, 19, 20 and 21 mostly.  They had come from good homes they were educated, and loved their country and they have had to live with Kerry's lies and the medias thirst for gore, to sell commercials, ads and movies for over 30 years now!

America you have been wrong to long, it's time to set the story straight, and we intend on doing just that, starting with Hanoi John Kerry!

Kerry blood on his hands
John Kerry is NOT A HERO the heroes are on the Wall

In retrospect one must in reality question why Kerry filmed his supposed escapades in Vietnam, a tactic that obviously smacks of exploitation and calculation. I spent one year in Vietnam as a combat veteran and I never encountered any soldier carrying an 8-mm camera. If John really wanted to do something important why didn't he document with his camera all the atrocities he said that he witnessed and were committed by the hoards of Ghengis Khan he so blatantly accused in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1971?  The murdering, rapists .... Your fathers, sons, friends, and relatives, our young fighting men who fought with so much bravery because they loved America! Where was his bravery then? He was so against the war what better chance to prove his accusations but on film? No, his real reasons for carrying that camera have become very obvious to most veterans and to many Americans. John Kerry is into only one thing and that's John Kerrys political aspirations.

Back in September 2002, Kerry told then-New York Times columnist (now executive editor) Bill Keller "I have no intention of using" his Vietnam home movies, which Kerry shot with an 8-mm camera, for campaign purposes. But contrary to that promise, those films were used in Kerry’s TV ads and were heavily featured during the Democratic convention.

John F. Kerry Must Resign

15 November 2004
Federalist Patriot No. 04-46
Monday Brief

Update on the "Petition for Investigation and Indictment" of John F. Kerry for treason. We have received thousands of inquiries about the "Petition for Investigation and Indictment" of John Kerry. According to legal experts, John Kerry's meetings with enemy agents from Communist North Vietnam on multiple occasions between 1970 and 1972 are not covered under Jimmy Carter's amnesty as outlined in EO 4483. For that reason, on Monday, 22 October, we delivered to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft a "Petition for Investigation and Indictment" calling on the Department of Justice to determine conclusively whether Kerry's actions, in direct violation of UCMJ (Article 104 part 904), U.S. Code (18 USC Sec. 2381 and 18 USC Sec. 953) and other applicable laws and acts of Congress, constitute treason, and disqualify him from any future campaign for any national office. (To read the text of the petitioners' request, link to -- http://patriotpetitions.us/kerry/letter.asp) However, John Ashcroft’s resignation from his post as AG on 6 November will delay action on this request until his replacement is confirmed. We plan to pursue this issue, as its endorsers have requested, to its resolution, and we fully expect an answer from AG Ashcroft. In reality, given the political sensitivity of this request, we don't expect any action before January 05. However, we are contemplating forming an alliance with other groups like the Swiftees and POWs, and moving forward with this legal challenge. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, please encourage additional signers to link to http://patriotpetitions.us/kerry and sign the petition. We will update the number of signers each time we make official inquiry to determine the status Hall Citizen Organization In God we trust. ><>


John F. Kerry Must Resign

John Kerry has a long and well-documented history of providing "aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of war -- particularly in the case of North Vietnam. By his own account, Kerry violated the UCMJ, the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer, and he further stands in violation of Article three, Section three of the U.S. Constitution which defines treason as "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of warfare. Thus, in accordance with the Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3, which states, "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President ... having previously taken an oath ... to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof," We, the People of the United States, demand that Kerry resign his seat in the Senate.

Sign Petition Here
Posted 7/1/2004


The Other John Kerry

Kerry Testifies in front of a Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1971
Much of Kerry's speech before Congress painted his fellow GIs as so brutal that,
today, they could easily be mistaken for Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen killers.
To hear his lies push the start arrow

What John Kerry said in front of this committee cemented the image of the Vietnam Veteran

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To hear John Kerry admit to war crimes push the start arrow


Kerry praised Ho Chi Minh!
Posted: August 16, 2004

Winter Soldier Investigation

Phony Vietnam veterans around Winter Soldier

Guenter Lewy's 1978 book America in Vietnam (pages 316-317) and B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley's Stolen Valor (Verity Press, Inc., Dallas, Texas)(pages 113, 131-137) contain similar information about flaws in testimony and participants.


  • Lawyer and activist Mark Lane was one of the organizers of Winter Soldier. In 1970, Lane had published a book called Conversations With Americans purporting to be interviews with Vietnam veterans about war crimes, containing absurd Vietnam tales. Reporter Neil Sheehan showed some participants had never served in Vietnam and others had not been in the situations they described. Lane admitted he did not check military records, as confirmation of details was not relevant. Mark Lane: Smearing America's Soldiers in Vietnam

    • The following are often listed as being participants in Winter Soldier, but were actually in Lane's book. This is probably due to Stolen Valor having an explanation of Lane's history within the section on Winter Soldier.

      • Chuck Onan, stock room clerk in Beaufort, S.C.

      • Michael Schneider, deserted in Europe and deserted again in the USA.

      • Terry Whitmore, was in an unpopulated area of Vietnam.

      • Garry Gianninoto, medical corpsman at battalion headquarters.

  • John Forbes Kerry and the phony Vietnam vets scandal

Several months before John Kerry testified in front of a Senate Foreign Relations Committe, he attended a seminar (the so-called "Winter Soldier Investigation) bankrolled by Jane Fonda in Detroit in February 1971 during which 150 self-proclaimed Vietnam veterans testified at a Howard Johnson's about atrocities allegedly committed by our own forces.

When Kerry spoke before the Senate after his Vietnam experience, he not only trashed the military as an institution, but the soldiers who put their lives on the line. Many who have served in the military, and their families as well, perceive Kerry's public disparagement of our troops as unforgivable acts. Furthermore, in his attempts to disparage the Armed Forces engaged in the conflict in Vietnam, he provided false testimony before the Senate, i.e. he is a liar. He and his organization of protesters presented unsubstantiated and false allegations of atrocities. For example:

Elton Mazione, claiming Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) credentials, Kerry's organization, along with his friends, John Laboon, Eddie Swetz, and Kenneth Van Lesser. They claimed to kill children and remove body parts as part of the notorious Phoenix program. They were neither in Phoenix nor in Vietnam.

Kerry's VVAW leader friend from 1971, Al Hubbard, lied about being an officer, Vietnam veteran, and sustaining war injuries. Michael Harbert, another VVAW crony of Kerry, lied about his Vietnam service.

Frank Dux: He charged many recognizable Vietnam vets with using techniques bordering on war crimes. Dux was a fraud and non-Vietnam veteran.

Yoshia K. Chee claimed we in Vietnam routinely resorted to the most hideous forms of torture, threw people out of helicopters, and decapitated prisoners. He was a phony.

Mike Beamon, an alleged SEAL and Phoenix assassin, was never in the military.

The senator's own VVAW and similar groups relied upon people like: K. Barton Osborn, a Vietnam veteran who testified of atrocities to Congress. He told of prisoners being thrown out of helicopters, a woman starved to death, a prisoner being killed by a 6-inch dowel pushed through his ear. Osborn was not involved in Phoenix, refused to name names, and provided no documentation.

Lieutenants Francis Reitemeyer and Michael J. Cohn. Both sought conscientious objector status because of Phoenix. Reitemeyer testified to being assigned to Phoenix as an adviser and maintained a kill quota of 50 bodies a month. They became famous as My Lai hit the news. Neither served in Vietnam, in Phoenix, or had any firsthand information. Reitemeyer later denied receiving any assassination training.

Kerry's comments as an anti-war activist were: a) substantially hogwash, b) notably biased against members of the military, c) very damaging for anyone aspiring to be president and Commander-in-Chief, and, d) unworthy of any American, as the clear intent was to comprehensively besmirch the Armed Forces and its members.

Kerry has met one of a few definitions, but none of them is "Patriot." 1. He may have been credulous and believed his allegations -- making him a "fool" if they proved false; 2. making him an "opportunist" using it to advance his career if they were true (he never turned over any of the documentation he promised in the hearings, most likely due to problems with the credentials of those making the allegations); 3. a "criminal" if he knew from personal experience that he was guilty, as he stated, of that which he accused others.


Yesterday's Lies: Steve Pitkin One of Kerry's witnesses speaks--Wintersoldier.com, 09-07-04

Vet: Kerry coerced me to testify of atrocities--WorldNetDaily, 09-08-04

FNC Relays Vets' Claim Kerry Coached Him to Lie About War Crimes --MRC, 09-15-04

Open Letter to Kerry from ex regional coordinator for Vietnam Veterans Against the War

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The book Kerry doesn't want you to see

John Kerry's The New Soldier

"The New Soldier" The book Kerry is hiding

The New Soldier Book
Not Fit To Lead John Kerry
by John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans Against The War
Edited by David Thorne, George Butler


Notice that the flag is upside down. The picture above is the ORIGINAL cover of John Kerry's book THE NEW SOLDIER. John Kerry's friends, the so called Vietnam Veterans Against The War were mocking this scene photographed during the Second World War. 6,825 American boys died in the battle to take Iwo Jima before they planted that flag.

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To date John Kerry the war hero, has refused to sign a form
180 for release of his military records to the media.



Kerry's Discharge Is Questioned by an Ex-JAG Officer--The New York Sun, 11-01-04

Ex-Navy sec to Kerry: Open up your records--World Net Daily, 11-01-04

Kerry's non-honorable discharge--WorldNetDaily, 10-31-04

Kerry’s Website reveals less than honorable discharge--Gulf1,10-31-04

Honorable Discharge in 1978?

Acceptance_of_Discharge_Naval_Reserve dated 1978?

Why Won’t Kerry Release Military Record?--JB Williams,10-26-04

Judicial Watch Calls For Investigation Into Kerry's Medals, Anti-War Actions--Judicial Watch

Navy Contradicts Kerry on Release of Military Records--CNSNews, 09-16-04

Why Kerry Refuses to Release His REAL Military Records--Strange Politics,10-09-04

Seditious behavior--PittsburghLIVE, 10-10-04

Navy SEAL examines Kerrys Military Record--ABC Radio Inc.,10-10-04

What Does Kerry Have to Hide? Why No Form 180?--ChronWatch, 10-11-04

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Equal Rules for the Press?--Insight Magazine-10-13-04

Kerry's Dishonorable Discharge--Townhall, 10-23-04

John Kerry and the VVAW: Hanoi's American Puppets?--WinterSoldier.com, 10-26-04

Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry--WorldNetDaily, 10-26-04

Hanoi Approved of Role Played By Anti-War Vets--The New York Sun, 10-26-04

John Kerry's Silver Star--News With Views, 10-28-04

Another document ties Kerry to Hanoi--WorldNetDaily, 10-28-04

Hanoi urged U.S. activists to run for office--World Net Daily, 10-30-04

Kerry's Traitorous Lies and Crimes Catching Up

Judicial Watch Calls For Investigation Into Kerry's Medals, Anti-War Actions

Judicial Watch: Kerry Should Remove Silver Star Citation From His Site Pending Review

Judicial Watch: Pentagon IG Contacts Secretary Of The Navy About Kerry Awards

Judicial Watch: Navy Secretary Recieves Additional Questions Over Kerry's Silver Star

Navy tells Judicial Watch it will not release additional Kerry documents

Navy Inspector General claims investigation of Kerry medals would not be “productive”
"We will appeal as appropriate this whitewash,"stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Navy leaked Inspector General Investigation information to Kerry Campaign?

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Swifties Sink the USS John F. Kerry--Intellectual Conservative Com, Gary Larson

Veteran with Home Movies of Vietnam?--Intellectual Conservative Com, James P. Szakmary, Lnc Corp, USMC

Johnny--Intellectual Conservative Com, by Russ Vaughn

Part 1-Kerry's Strategy to Undermine Bush--Intellectual Conservative Com, Col John Wambough, Jr., USAF (Ret) 

Part 2-Kerry Unfit for Command --Intellectual Conservative Com, Col John Wambough, Jr., USAF (Ret)

The New Vietnam War--Intellectual Conservative Com,by Lisa Fabrizio

See More at

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The Last Battle of Vietnam--American Thinker-RussVaughn


Kerry T-Shirt


2004: Highlights and Lowlifes--Ann Coulter, 12-30-04

Jesse Jackson on Election Fraud--MCNBC, 12-30-04

Flip-Flopper--The New York Times, 12-26-04

HUMAN EVENTS Names Its Man of the Year: John O'Neill--Human Events, 12-23-04

Kerry conceded too soon, Jackson asserts--Chicago Tribune, 12-23-04

Kerry branded with giant 'L'--WorldNetDaily, 12-22-04

The revolt of the Vietnam veterans--The San Diego Union-Tribune, 12-19-04

Kerry: Just a Working Stiff--News Week Magazine

Sen.Miller, a Kerry foe, will give award to Swift Boat vets--The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12-17-04

Kerry Campaign Chief Admits Errors --CBS News, 12-17-04

Swift-ad maker rebuts Kerry manager--WorldNetDaily, 12-17-04

Swift Boat Vets To Get Courage Award--Fox News, 12-16-04

Anti-Kerry group aims to keep an active role --St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12-16-04

Kerry-bashers to share stage --Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12-16-04

Advocacy Groups Spent Record Amount on 2004 Election--New York Times, 12-16-04

Kerry supporters still ranting as group therapy hits second week--Boca Raton News, 12-10-04 

Money for Nothing--The Nation, 12-13-04 issue

Sharpton paid to aid Kerry campaign--USA Today, 12-09-04

What Perry Bought--Newsweek, 12-13-04 Issue

Florida Kerry supporters meet for group therapy--The Boca Raton News, 12-04-04

Bush Ohio win closer than first reported --(AP) The Buffalo News, 12-04-04

Pantheon of presidential also-rans in hunt for Kerry portrait--The Boston Globe, 12-01-04

A veteran in need--The Washington Times, 12-01-04

Voters couldn't find Kerry, says Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.)-- The Hill, 12-01-04

How Kerry whistleblower suffered for truth--Chicago Sun Times, 11-29-04

Swift Boat Veterans Still Hounding Kerry--The Onion, 11-26-04

Kerry casts eye toward Senate re-election--Boston Herald, 11-26-04

Kerry plans to call panel--Boston Globe, 11-25-04

Kerry Won't Go Gently Into Good Night--Fox News, 11-24-04

Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory--North Country News, 11-24-04

Swiftees weigh next step, Anti-Kerry vets consider becoming vet advocates--The Hill, 11-23-04

Debate Continues Over Use of Vietnam in Election--Fox News, 11-22-04

A question of character--The American Thinker, 11-21-04

Exclusive: Kerry Says UBL Tape Cost Him Election--Fox News, 11-19-04

Excuses, excuses from Kerry--Boston Globe, 11-19-04

Some Democrats decry Kerry's unspent $16m--Boston Globe, 11-18-04

Sore Loser Kerry Mulls Lawsuit Against Swiftvet O'Neill--NewsMax, 11-18-04

Democrats Question Kerry's Campaign Funds--Newsday, 11-17-04

Kerry, Kennedy to keep distance--Boston Herald, 11-16-04

The Top Eleven Reasons Why Kerry Lost the Election--ChronWatch, 11-16-04

Kerry critic displays courage under fire --Chicago Sun Times, 11-16-04

Kerry Says He's Not Ruling Out Another Run--Associated Press, 11-16-04

Swiftvets: Mission Accomplished --NewsMax, 11-16-04

Courage to scrutinize--The Washington Times, 11-15-04

'The Last Mission' --Wall Street Journal, 11-15-04

Clover vet takes pride in Kerry defeat despite his own hardships--The Herald SC, 11-15-04

Analysis: Kerry sees place for a big role in future--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11-15-04

On the trail of Kerry's failed dream--The Boston Globe, 11-14-04

The Last Battle of Vietnam--The American Thinker, 11-13-04

Kerry's latest betrayal ... my son--The Augusta Free Press, 11-12-04

The Vets Attack--News Week, 11-15-04 Issue

Indict John Kerry for Treason, Mr. Attorney General!--ChronWatch, 11-10-04

Reading tea leaves--The American Thinker, 11-08-04

Swift Justice--The American Thinker, 11-06-04

How the Swifties helped sink Kerry--The American Thinker, 11-06-04

Profile: John Kerry--BBC News, 11-05-04

Right man, right job, right time--TownHall, 11-05-04

Rendell: Swiftvets Did Kerry In--NewsMax, 11-04-04

Kerry's FBI files reveal comments from Buffalo chapter of VVAW--WGRZ-TV Buffalo, 10-23-04

Kerry's 'betrayal' of the American military--San Diego Union Tribune, 10-23-04 

John Kerry’s Other Vietnam War--10-31-04, National Review

Top of the fold -- John Kerry: More "aid and comfort"...--Federalist Patriot, 10-08-04

Fighting with the Truth - John Kerry's "Combat V" controversy--FrontPageMagazine, 09-15-04

Kerry Silver Star report backs critics-- WorldNetDaily, 09-14-04

Kerry vet aide, Joe Bangert lived in Hanoi, revered Ho Chi Minh--WorldNetDaily, 09-07-04

Kerry, Kansas City, and the FBI files--The American Thinker, 09-07-04

Was John Kerry A.W.O.L?--ChronWatch, 09-14-04

The Smell of Fear--The American Spectator, 08-30-04

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Jane Fonda appeared on CNN to explain that she and Kerry might not have even "shaken hands" at a Valley Forge, PA rally where the two were photographed together. But flyers distributed by VVAW for the Operation RAW (Rapid American Withdrawal) list Kerry and Fonda as speakers as well as sponsors.

Jane Fonda donated millions to Kerry's failed election campaign....many of us Americans were born at night...but it wasn't last night.

Click on graphic below to see John Kerry and Jane Fonda at anti-war
ralley. Kerry is sitting directly above Fonda in the photo. urban legends.about.com

Kerry Fonda Dong Hero

 <~~Click here


Hanoi'd with Jane Fonda

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The photo below is from the New York Times from 1971 where Kerry is involving himself in the POW/MIA issue much to the chagrin of the Families who even at that time could see his political ambitions. But thats not all that was on Kerry's mind. On April 22, 1971, as he testified before Senator Fulbright's Committee on Foreign Relations, John Kerry mentioned that in Paris he had meetings with "both sides" of the Paris Peace Talks.

Click on Photo to see whole story.

John Kerry 1971 Involving himself in the POW/MIA issue, to use it as a springboard to political office

Later in John Kerry's political career he would become involved with
the POW/MIA issue as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on
POW/MIA Affairs. And as usual Kerry has his own agenda, read on.

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Kerry Honored for his anti war protests by Communists

Photograph of John Kerry meeting with Comrade Do Muoi, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, in Vietnam, July 15-18, 1993. Photo taken in the War Remnants Museum (formerly the "War Crimes Museum") in Saigon in May 2004. "This photograph's unquestionable significance lies in its placement in the American protestors' section of the War Crimes Museum in Saigon. The Vietnamese communists clearly recognize John Kerry's contributions to their victory. This find can be compared to the discovery of a painting of Neville Chamberlain hanging in a place of honor in Hitler's Eagle's Nest in 1945."

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Did  John Kerry Know There Were POW's Left Behind? Did He
Even Care? Or was there another agenda in the works?

Kerry POW/MIA Cover-up

In retrospect, it is clear that John Kerry had but one goal as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. His goal was to remove the issue of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, as a roadblock to trade and normalization of relations with Vietnam. The question is.... why?

All we need to do is look at two events which occurred shortly after the committee presented its finding, in January 1993.Francis Zwenig, staff director for the Committee, who was often seen during hearings whispering in Kerry's ear, became Vice President of the U.S. - Vietnam Trade Council. Ms Zwenig, who helped shaped the conclusion of the committee and its final report was now benefitting financially from the committee's efforts to close the POW/MIA issue.

In June of 1993, as reported in a Boston Herald article by Michael E. Knell, "Colliers International brokered a $905 million dollar deal to develop a deep sea port in Vietnam.." To skirt the trade embargo still in effect against Vietnam, Colliers International acted through its partner firm Colliers Jardine based in Singapore. At the time the deal was brokered, C. Stewart Forbes was the Chief Executive Officer of Colliers International.

All through 1993 and into early 1994, John Kerry pushed for the lifting of the trade embargo against Vietnam, citing of Vietnamese cooperation on the POW/MIA issue. As evidenced in the articles of Sydney Schanberg and scripted event involving Senator Kerry and Col. Pham Duc Dia, Vietnamese cooperation was clearly a myth. Yet, Kerry persisted in his campaign to lift the trade embargo. Finally, his efforts were rewarded in February 1994, when President Clinton lifted the embargo.

Did Kerry have an another agenda, beyond the stated goals of the committee? Before you answer that question, there is one other piece of information you need to know.

C. Stewart Forbes CEO of Colliers International and John Forbes Kerry are cousins. See #7 this is not a Republican plot and it sure as hell is no coincidence.It's a matter of record.

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Sydney H. Schanberg wrote for The New York Times Magazine (January 20, 1980), He wrote a book for the most part a reprint of the story that which subsequently became the basis for the Oscar-winning film, "The Killing Fields"..  In structure it seems a simple enough story of one man's heroic survival and another's personal redemption : insensitive Western journalist (Sydney Schanberg) badly miscalculates the danger that his Man Friday (Dith Pran) is in as the Khmer Rouge take over Cambodia; Sydney escapes deteriorating situation but Dith Pran can not leave; Sydney conducts a ceaseless rescue effort, while Dith Pran survives unimaginable horrors, before finally fleeing the country; they are reunited and all is forgiven.   Mr. Schanberg makes this portion of the story more compelling by being relatively honest about his shabby treatment of Dith Pran and by revealing just how guilty he felt about what he had done. It thus becomes a story of recompense, of how he initially did wrong by Dith Pran but then did his best to set things right, and eventually everything worked out okay.

Senator Kerry Covered Up Evidence Of POW's Left Behind by Sydney H. Schanberg

Did America Abandon Vietnam War POWs? Part 1, by Sydney H. Schanberg

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For all those great citizens who were going to leave the country if President Bush was re-elected we have help for you.

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