The last stop before going home
Hello Soldier, you don't know who I am
Today my brother's and I
I will unfold your Flag
We will take special care
To cover you in
our Nation's Flag
May it keep you warm
Until you reach home
Today we will attend to your casket
Making sure that every line of your Flag
Is as straight as the honor you gave
Today we will honor and praise your name
Before we let them take you any where
We will welcome and salute you home
We will not outwardly cry
Our tears we hold privately inside
The inspector will inspect each and every casket
Before you leave our hands
And when he is done, he will nod his head
That you are ready for your final journey home
My brother's and I will wear white gloves
We will carry you out of the plane
Where we will pray for your name
We pray to God bless you this day
You will hear no words from any of us
Our eyes will show you how we feel
Our hearts will carry
The memory of who you are
We will carry you with pride
We will honor your life
We have received you
We now deliver you  
You are now on your way
The next stop is home
They will be waiting for you
Your mother will now have peace
That her son is at his final resting place
Tomorrow another plane will come
My brother's and I will be waiting
We will unfold another Flag
We will cover their casket
To keep them warm
Until the time comes
For them to go home!
Written by: Ruby Alexandra Beloz
11/22/04 © 
Used by permission of the author, Thanks Ruby!!