An Loc - Quan Loi - Loc Ninh

        Bu Dop - Dong Xoai - Phouc Binh - Song Be

        Ben Cat - Lai Khe

        Phouc Vinh

        Phu Loi - Bien Hoa - Di An - Saigon

       Long Thanh - Plantation - Xuan Loc

Originals of the above maps can be found at:  Jim Henthorn's Maps of South East Asia - Vietnam, Laos, Thailand & Cambodia



Where was An Loc/Quan Loi?

        Map 1        Map 2



Vietnam Corps Map

Major Units Locations - 1969

FSB Defiance and FSB Burkett Vietnam 1970 - Map Labels Courtesy Reed McDonald

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Ray Smith's Map Room   A Terrific Source of Maps Concerning Vietnam Areas of Operation and Topographic Digital Map Images - See Some Relevant Maps Below

        Bien Hoa/Long Binh Base

        Loc Ninh/Song Be

        Saigon/Bien Hoa/Plantation


South Vietnam Reference Map - This is a fine interactive map on the C-7A Caribou Association website



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Vietnam War Map - A copy of a find satellite labeled map from Google Note - look for incorrectly labeled Quang Loi (LZ Andy)



Quan Loi Present - A labeled copy of a satellite image of present day Quan Loi from Google



   Cu Chi Base  Map Sheets 6330-4, and 6331-3 (431kb)

   Iron Triangle  Map Sheets 6231-2, and 6331-3 (649kb)

   Saigon  Map Sheet 6330-4 and 6330-3 (567kb)

   Bien Hoa Airbase/Long Binh Base   Map Sheet 6330-1 (567kb)

   Tay Ninh Area   Black Virgin Mountain - Map Sheet 6231-4 (676kb)

   Fish Hook   Cambodia, May 1970 Incursion - Map Sheet 6232-2 (431kb)

   Dau Tieng Area   Michelin Rubber Plantation - Map Sheet 6231-1 (627kb)

   Blackhorse Base   Home of 11th ACR - Map Sheet 6430-4 (439kb)

   Xuan Loc   Site of Heroic ARVN Defense in April 1975 - Map Sheet 6430-4 (505kb)

   Vung Tau   In-Country R&R Center, Cape St. Jaques - Map Sheet 6429-4 (545kb)

   Parrot's Beak   Cambodia - Map Sheet 6230-4 (419kb)



     III Corps Northwestern TAOR  Chart TPC K-10D - Bu Prong, Loc Ninh, Cambodian Border, Song Be  (440Kb)

   III Corps Northeastern TAOR  Chart TPC K-10D - Dalat, Phan Rang, Song Mao, Duc Xuyen, Bao Loc, Gia Nghia  (468Kb)

   III Corps Southeastern TAOR  Chart TPC K-10D - Phan Thiet and south  (329Kb)

   III Corps Southwestern TAOR, border with IV Corps  Chart TPC K-10D - Saigon, Tay Ninh, Iron Triangle, Bien Hoa, Long Binh  (563Kb)

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