General map showing Indochina with location 

of the larger cities in North and South Vietnam

An excellent map of South Vietnam showing the 

Provinces their Capital Cities and Rivers circa 1967

Map of South Vietnam showing various

 Provinces and cities circa 1967

Map of South Vietnam showing various 

Provinces and cities circa 1967

 map showing the location of the military 

units serving in Vietnam in December 1966

map of the Saigon Region. In relation to this site, it shows the operating area of the 196th Infantry, the 199th Infantry, the 9th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, and partial areas of the 101st Airborne, 1st Infantry Division and 1st Air Cav.

 map of the Tay Ninh area. This was the operation

 area of the same units listed in the Saigon Area Map