After joining the Army in June 1968, I went to Ft. Knox, Ky. for Basic Training, Armor School and M551 Sheridan training. I was then assigned to Vietnam. While in Nam I was assigned to C Troop 11th Armored Cavalry, which is where I wanted to be, I served with the Cav from Jan. '69 to Jan. '70 and in retrospect I enjoyed every day there because the unit had some of the very best guys assigned American had to offer. After Vietnam in Feb. '70, I was assigned to Germany and went to 3rd Squadron 7th Cavalry "Garry Owen" 3rd Infantry Division in Schweinfurt, Germany which was another great assignment. Schweinfurt's claim to fame is the FAG ball bearing factory the United Stated attempted to bomb into oblivian several times during WW2 and never hit it once.

After 39 months in Schweinfurt I was sent to the following units. B Troop 1st Squadron 3rd Cavalry, Fort Bliss, (El Paso) Tx Combat support company 1st Battallion 33rd Armor, Gelnhausen, Germany, D Troop 10th Cavalry, 194th Armored Brigade, Ft. Knox, Ky. I was in the Military from June '68 to Feb 1st 1981 when I got out due to a sudden attack of Brain Freeze." and a problem with authority above me, which is another story in itself 


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