Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears

The Quilts of Tears  is a project started  by the Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network. The quilts are a memorial, tribute and honor to the Agent Orange Victims, both living and dead.. The project began in 1998 by Jennie R. Le Fevre, President of the Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network.

    The quilts are to draw national attention to the plight of  Vietnam Veterans affected by Agent Orange sprayed on them in Vietnam. The quilts are called the "Quilts of Tears" for many tears have been shed for these victims.

    Family members of these victims are encouraged to submit quilt blocks in honor of their loved ones. The blocks are then sewn into quilts that are displayed at various veterans reunions and  functions.

    The quilts were displayed for the first time ever on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Memorial  day 1989. They were also at a quilt show in N.J., two veterans reunions in St. Louis, Mo. and at the Vietnam Veterans Reunion at Kokomo,Ind. last September.

    They were exhibited in the Salt Lake City Utah State Capitol  Rotunda for Veterans Day ceremony, where Jennie R. Le Fevre, the President of the Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network was the guest keynote speaker.

   The last exhibit was on the banks of the Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C. over Memorial Day weekend this year, we hope this is to be an annual event.

    Our Agent Orange Victims, both living and dead, have been forgotten by our government and this is our way to give them the honor and respect they so richly deserve. "The Quilts of Tears" are warmly welcomed by all who see them.

    The quilts have a life of their own and speak for themselves, adnored with victim's pictures, their Vietnam information, their Agent Orange health status, etc, etc .Love, pain and sorrow can be seen in each block. One veteran stated that "The "Quilts of Tears" was the most moving piece of art he had seen since the WALL in Washington, D.C.

    "The Quilt Of Tears" have been acknowledged and endorsed by the Agent Orange Coordinating Council of which  Admiraal Zumwalt is chairman, the council consists of repesentatives from all of the major veterans service organizations.

    "The Quilts of Tears" also has recieved a letter of acknowledgment and endorsement from Vietnam Veterans of America Inc   in Washington, D.C.

God  bless our Agent Orange Victims, we will never allow them to be forgotten