I may be your brother
A sister your son
I fought for all freedom
My destiny won

Upon this great wall
My name has been etched
With honor and loyalty
My life has been sketched

I did honor you
With my life you can see
My name etched in granite

I knew that you needed
A friend when you called
I gave something special
My life on this wall

My memories shattered
All dreams are now gone
I'm here to lean on
To touch hearts upon

A victory realized
From hearts that did care
For red white and blue
An unspoken prayer

Oh give me your children
That we might be free
To fight in all wars
To promote liberty 

Watch and protect us
With eyes from above
Take us to heaven
In clothes that we love 

Uniform colors and smiles
That we wear
Serving our country
With death always near 

Looking from heaven
Protecting the skies
Seeing our colors
In beauty that fly 

Remember me always
With life that I gave
A memorial offered
With freedom that stays.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Used with permission