Some Truths About Vietnam

#1)  Vietnam was a just cause.

#2)  Jane Fonda was a pro communist sympathizer.

#4)  The News media has mis-reported, and Motion picture industry has mis-portrayed the Vietnam war and the Vietnam veteran for over 30 years.

#5)  If atrocities were "committed on a day to day basis"  in Vietnam, the news media would have reported them then. There were news journalists and photographers all over Vietnam.  Remember the Vietnam war was the 1st war to be televised? The 1st war that you watched from your living rooms? How soon we forget! 

Some Answers for America

#1)   Did American Soldiers commit atrocities?  Yes, but in the 13 years from 1962 until 1975 there were less atrocities committed by American servicemen than in the 4 years of WW2.

#2)   Did the Vietnam veterans rape Vietnamese women?  Not where I was, and I never heard of it happening. Though I'm sure there were some rapes, as sure as I am that there were rapes committed in the USA between 1962 and 1975.

#3)   Did the Vietnam veteran kill women?   Yes, unfortunately we had to at times.

VC Woman

#4)   Did the Vietnam veterans kill kids? Yes,  unfortunately we had to at times. Kid

#5)   Did the Vietnam veteran commit atrocities "on a day to day basis with the full awareness of Officers at all levels of command"?   As I said above, Vietnam was the 1st war that was brought to the Americans living room. There were Journalists and Photographers all over Vietnam if this statement were the truth, the media would have been at every atrocity foaming at the mouth with pen in hand.

#6)   Did the Vietnam veterans randomly shoot at civilians, kill livestock, and raze villages in the "fashion" of Genghis Khan?   I never seen it and I never heard about any other incidents except for Mai Lai.