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The Vietnam war was the longest in our nation's history. Two American advisors were killed on July 8, 1959, and the last casualties in connection with the war occurred on May 15, 1975, during the Mayaquez incident. Approximately 2.7 million Americans served in the war zone; 300,000 were wounded and approximately 75,000 permanently disabled. Officially there are still 1,870 Americans unaccounted for from SE Asia.

Vietnam was a savage, in your face war where death could and did strike from anywhere with absolutely no warning. The brave young men and women who fought that war paid an awful price of blood, pain and suffering. As it is said:


The Vietnam war was not lost on the battlefield. No American force in ANY other conflict fought with more determination or sheer courage than the Vietnam Veteran.  For the first time in our history America sent it's young men and women into a war run by inept politicians who had no grasp of military strategies and no moral will to win. They were led by "top brass" who were concerned mainly with furthering their own careers, most neither understood the nature of the war nor had a clue about the impossible mission with which they'd tasked their soldiers.  And the war was reported by a self serving Media who penned stories filled with inaccuracies, deliberate omissions, biased presentations and blatant distorted interpretations because they were more interested in a story than the truth! It can be debated that we should never have fought that war. It can also be argued that the young Americans who fought so courageously, never losing a single major battle, helped in a huge way to WIN THE COLD WAR.

This site is dedicated to those brave men and women, living and dead who did their duty to the fullest in war of attrition we were not ALLOWED to win. We never ran, never abandoned our wounded, never stopped loving America even when America abandoned us ... and still abandons our POW/MIA's.  We, the Vietnam Veterans ... shall never forget!

Welcome home Brother's and Sister's it's been a long time coming
Welcome home weary soldiers welcome home!

This site is dedicated to HONORING VETERANS!
I am a PROUD Disabled Vietnam Veteran who has constructed this site with the intension to provide information pertaining to veterans, veteran's families and those interested in the Vietnam War (Police Action).

I DO NOT want any one surfing my pages that is a Draft Dodger, Flag Burner or individual who ran to another country to avoid serving our country during its time of need!

Here are some accumulated links that will help in the presentation of Veterans Administration Health Benefits and Compensation Claims.

Veterans Health Benefits Eligibility & Enrollment Eligibility
VHA provides this online Form 10-10EZ:
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Filing VA Compensation Claims require a copy of your DD Form 214, if lost, you can request a copy by downloading and completing a SF 180 request form.
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SF 180 Form
Having problems locating a form or info on the VA Web? Try the VA Web Search. VA Web Search
To file for VA compensation claims/Health Benefits ONLINE go to VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications) VONAPP Website
Vietnam Veterans of America Guides for Filing Claims
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder VVA Guide PTSD Guide
Agent Orange (AO) VVA Guide AO Guide


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