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Supporting our Military: Past, Present & Future

Operation Hero Miles

You can donate your unused frequent flier miles to help soldiers travel on emergency leave. They are also used to help families fly to hospitalized soldiers.

Adopt a Platoon

Adopt a Platoon has several ongoing projects to ensure that every soldier overseas does not walk away from mail call empty-handed

Appreciate Our Troops

Purchase a Support Our Troops mug and a free personalized mug will be given to a current or former service member.


Blue Star Mothers

The Blue Star Mothers was founded by service members' moms during World War II. Any mother with a son or daughter in the military can join.

Books For Soldiers

Help the troops escape boredom by donating some books. You can also donate DVDs and CDs requested by soldiers.

Camp Doha

Camp Doha provides valuable information for those about to deploy, their friends and families and anyone who wants to support the troops.

Fisher House

The Fisher House Foundation donates comfort homes, built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one during hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury.

Treats for Troops

Treats for Troops helps get you provide packages to your loved ones overseas. If you don't know anyone, the Foster-A-Soldier Program matches you with a registered soldier by branch of service, home state, gender, or birthday - or you can choose to sponsor a group of soldiers.

Gifts from the HomeFront

The Army and Air Force Exchange Services is where most servicemen and women do their shopping. You can purchase gift certificates for those in Iraq and those hospitalized.

Freedom Calls

The Freedom Calls Foundation is helping families videoconference with their loved ones in Iraq. You can donate money to help keep this project going.

Groceries for Families

The men and women who lay down their lives for us are terribly underpaid. Help a family by purchasing gift certificates to the commissary.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund provides grants to the families of servicemen and women who died in Iraq. You can donate online, through mail or by calling a toll-free number.

Any Soldier

Want to send a care package to Any Soldier in Harm's Way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it?

Operation Air Conditioner

Operation Air Conditioner provides not only air conditioners but space heaters (the desert is cold in the winter) for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Operation Call Home

Operation Call Home's mission is to provide each platoon with their own satellite phone.

Operation Dear Abby

The U.S. Navy and Dear Abby have teamed up. Their site allows you to send e-mail messages of support to service members.

Operation Give

Operation Give provides toys, clothing and school supplies primarily to the children of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Donated cell phones are recycled and turned into cash. The cash is used to purchase calling cards for soldiers in Iraq.

Operation Iraqi Children

Many soldiers are rebuilding schools in Iraq and scrounging around for school supplies. Help by donating a school supplies kit.

Operation Military Pride

Operation Military Pride is a volunteer organization that sends cards letters and care packages to troops.

Operation Uplink

Donate money to Operation Uplink. The money is used to purchase phone cards so servicemen and women can call home.

Soldiers' Angels

Become some soldier's angel by adopting a service member. The Soldiers' Angels mission is to provide aide and comfort to any of the armed forces and their families.

Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation.

Provides funds to help support and educate the children of American servicemembers lost during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Voice from Home

Voices From Home allows military members and their families and friends to send and receive immediate voice e-mail messages in remote locations around the world.

.Defend America

Thank any service member stationed throughout the U.S. and the world with an e-mail.

USO Cares

You can sponsor care packages provided by the USO with a $25 donation.

Military Moms

This site provides support to all of the moms out there who has a son or daughter in the military.