American Flag State Flag of West Virginia
West Virginia
Total BB - Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered: 10
Total KK - Died in Captivity: 0
Total MM - Missing: 0
Total PP - Prisoner: 0
Total XX - Presumptive Findings of Death: 9
Total: 19
Name Military
of Casualty
Date of Incident Status Home City
of Record
Albright, John Scott II USAF Laos 02 68 DEC 13 XX Huntington
Altizer, Albert Harold Army S. Vietnam E3 69 OCT 08 BB Squire
Austin, Joseph Clair USAF N. Vietnam O5 67 MAR 19 XX Moundsville
Auxier, Jerry Edward Army S. Vietnam E6 68 JUL 29 BB Dixie
Curry, Keith Royal Wilson USN N. Vietnam 05 71 JAN 08 BB Salem
Duncan, James Edward Army S. Vietnam E7 71 MAR 03 BB Point Pleasant
Hunt, Robert W Army S. Vietnam E4 68 FEB 28 XX Beckley
Lilly,Carroll B USAF Laos O3 71 APR 09 XX Morgantown
Marshall, Danny G USMC Cambodia E1 75 MAY 15 XX Waverly
Norton, Michael Robert Army S. Vietnam E3 69 NOV 02 XX Eskdale
Parsley, Edward Milton USAF S. Vietnam E4 66 FEB 03 XX Naugatuck
Pauley, Marshall I USAF S. Vietnam E5 66 MAR 13 XX Milton
Pennington, Ronald Keith USMC S. Vietnam E3 67 APR 27 BB Hambleton
Pringle, Joe Harold Army S. Vietnam E7 68 FEB 02 XX Horner
Sargent, James Ray USMC S. Vietnam E3 68 MAY 10 BB Anawalt
Snider, Hughie Franklin Army S. Vietnam E4 70 APR 28 BB New Cumberland
Spencer, Dean Calvin III Army S. Vietnam E4 68 JUN 07 BB Morgantown
Taylor, James Lawrence Army S. Vietnam E5 66 MAR 10 BB Nitro
Wickham, David Wallace II USN N. Vietnam 03 65 DEC 16 BB Wheeling


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