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Department Of Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Web site is a worldwide resource that provides information on VA programs, veterans benefits, VA facilities worldwide, and VA medical automation software.

Directory of Department Of Veteran Affairs Contacts

( current as of 06/01/2004 ) Excluding VA regional Office telephone numbers. Published by Veterans Resources Network as a public service.

Echoes of War

Looking to tell your war time experience in print? Check out this new web site. Scholars and journalists perform the task of chronicling the history of each war in the broad context. However, for every war there are thousands of individual stories. Most of these stories will never make the history books, but that does not mean that they are not important, or that they do not deserve to be told. That is our trade-book mission at Truman Publishing, to contribute to the great chronology of history the voices of individuals who were touched, tortured, imprisoned, or set free by their wartime experiences.

VETS Search

The Internet's Only Search Engine for Veterans! Over 2,000 Veterans and Military Sites registered and growing daily.

The Military Advisor

Our mission is to offer a great deal of information on the Vietnam War, and all wars. Information that is valuable to the casual observer as well as the serious student. .

American Veteran Search

Find your Service buddies,  If you are really serious about Reuniting with a Buddy. We are the Only Veteran Search site on the Internet that actually gets involved with the search for your buddy.


Vets Roll Call

For years I wondered why there wasn't an all-in-one, fully functional portal for veterans, one that eliminated the "needle in the haystack " approach to finding one another. Tired of waiting any longer and realizing the sense of urgency for many... VETSRollCall was born.



Veterans organizations nationwide have been experiencing reduced membership. Young people just aren't coming over and joining us as they did in the past. More and more veterans (old and young) are going online these days. We need to be prepared to meet them and to provide for them a place to find what they need to protect their benefits and to associate with other veterans. That is the whole premise of this site.


Veterans Alliance Service Center

Veteran Resources Galore, Brought to you by the American Veterans Alliance and posts and/or members of the VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, Military Order of the Cooties and the Forty and Eight.

The Service Officer's Corner

Any Veteran or dependant that needs help with VA claims processing, VA Loans, schooling, or any other benefit...this is the site to be aware of.

Standing Watch

Standing Watch offers VA forms,case studies, information on federal benefits, legislation, pamphlets, and additional services.

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Officially Opened on Veteran's Day, November 11, 1994, To provide an interactive, on-line forum for Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends to exchange information, stories, poems, songs, art, pictures, and experiences in any publishable form

Vietnam Veterans of America

To help foster, encourage, and promote the improvement of the condition of the Vietnam veteran.

VietNow Veterans Helping Veterans

VietNow is for veterans who served in the US Armed Forces from 1957 right up until now. And its also for people who know and care about these veterans.

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc

The VVNW was formed by a group of Vietnam Veterans to serve the special purpose of bringing the Vietnam vet into the VETERAN community.

Disabled American Veterans ( DAV )

Since its founding three-quarters of a century ago, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has been dedicated to a single purpose: building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families.

Veterans of Foriegn Wars

With a rich tradition rooted in the 19th century, the Veterans of Foreign Wars is today the oldest major veterans organization in America. Celebrating its centennial in 1999, it entered the 21st century with 1.9 million members. VFW's 9,500 Posts count members from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and all the expeditionary campaigns through Bosnia.


This site is here for you, whether you are a longtime AMVETS member or a veteran or active duty member considering a first-time membership. All of the latest AMVETS news is here. You will be able to find information ranging from the latest news on Capitol Hill, the newest membership benefits, or the latest community relations programs


The American Legion

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual-help, war-time veterans organization. A community-service organization which now numbers nearly 3 million members -- men and women -- in nearly 15,000 American Legion Posts worldwide. These Posts are organized into 55 Departments -- one each for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico, and the Philippines.


Foundation for American Veterans, Inc.

FAV, a nonprofit organization, was established to provide various benefits for all Veterans regardless of which branch of the military they were with. The Foundations main goal is to step in and assist Veterans, either through the Veterans Hospitals, homeless programs, educational programs, crisis programs, etc., where the local, state, and federal governments leave off.

Military USA Veteran Database

This site is dedicated to bringing veterans together for reunions both large and small, and to help disabled veterans locate former buddies to substantiate VA claims. It is also available to others who need to locate missing relatives, former friends, and others who have served in the military. This site is also available to help those who are preparing family histories of veterans., a Web site brought to you by The History Channel and, is dedicated to preserving the experiences of the men and women who served our nation.

The Retired Military Advocate

This web page is dedicated to keeping the military retiree medical care broken promise issue alive.

The Veterans Resource Network Association

The Veterans Resource Network Association is the vets’ organization of the future. It is different, because it brings value to its members and is your advocate and information resource when it comes to Veterans Administration policy and benefits. We are the easy, interactive center for vets from all branches of the service, giving terrific discounts on products and services and providing timely information.

Veteran to Veteran

The Complete information source for filing VA claims. Providing links and information to the items veterans say they need.


House Committee on Veteran Affairs

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs Web Site's purpose is to educate and better inform the American public on issues of importance to veterans. It provides a means to access information on legislation within the jurisdiction of this Committee.

Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs

The Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Web Site's purpose is to educate and better inform the American public on issues of importance to veterans.

Veterans Benifits Administration

The mission of the Veterans Benefits Administration, in partnership with the Veterans Health Administration and the National Cemetery Administration, is to provide benefits and services to the veterans and their families in a responsive, timely and compassionate manner in recognition of their service to the Nation.


This site is dedicated to profiling information and related topics for veterans who served in a combat zone during any war or military conflict. Anyone may publish a complementary TAPs for a lost or deceased veteran. Web Members both vets and affiliates may publish a full CombatVet Biography / Memorial on this website.


Vet makes it easy to reach not only the transitioning military member, but also the highly qualified men and women who are veterans that have separated over the last several decades and are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines.

Vets Friends.Com

Vet is a free membership service that helps you locate your friends who are on active duty, reserve, or a veteran of the U.S. military!

Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members—veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

U.S. Veteran Dispatch

Welcome to the Veterans Most Privileged Information Source

Veterans Advantage

VeteransAdvantage is a private company that seeks to aggregate significant benefits, from consumer goods to travel and financial services, for veterans and their families.

Vietnam Veterans Of America Memorabilia & Collectibles

Military accessories and attire including badges, belt buckles, hats, hat pins, medals, military ribbons, patches, and POW bracelets

The Circle of Friends for American Veterans

Our mission is to provide support for homeless veterans who are willing to work and help them to become productive members of society again. The Circle of Friends and its national homeless veterans awareness campaign, Operation United Reveille, work to secure financial resources for transitional housing facilities around the country which provide homeless veterans with a temporary home, counseling services, and job training and placement programs. In addition, we invest in efforts to educate and inform the public about the problem of homeless veterans and successful programs that address the issue.

Vietnam Veteran Wives

Vietnam Veterans Wives, established in 1996, is a 501c19 organization designed to meet the needs of veterans and their families. The specific and primary purpose of VVW is the advancement of research and the distribution of information about PTSD, Agent Orange and Gulf War diseases. These affect the families of many veterans. Another important purpose is to gain special education and tutoring for the children of Vietnam Veterans, to work with disability claims, to train service officers and to work with other service organizations.

PTSD Links


Operation Family

Dusty on PTSD


PTSD Test Questionnaire

About Medications For Combat PTSD

Our Wounded Heroes

PTSD 101

Vietnam Generation Journal

Agent Orange Links


VVOF Agent Orange

Agent Orange Victims & Families In Touch

Agent Orange Debrief

Chemicals of the Vietnam War Era

Agent Orange - The Legacy of Vietnam

Agent Orange Web Site

Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Victims

Where Can I Get Information on Agent Orange?

Hepatitis C: Vietnam Veterans YOU ARE AT RISK!! Contact your local VA hospital or healthcare provider to get tested. Va estimates 10% of the veteran population is infected. Vietnam era veterans are at the highest risk level. Air guns used to administer innoculations from 1952 to 1997 are suspected causes. GET TESTED!!!!!

Hepatitis C Links

Veterans Helping Veterans

American Liver Foundation

Hepatitis C Vet Alert

Hepatitis C: The Silent Killer

Hepatitis Central

Wake Up Washington 2000 Rally


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.Web Rings

.11th Cav  Nam   

.11th Cav Links  

.11th Cav Memorial .11th Cav  Cmdr's

Memorial Wall

Peripheral Neuropathy

VA Central Office

Memorial to Brother


W.Va. POW/MIA Links


Vietnam Veteran

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Code Of Conduct

American Creed

American Flag

Agent Orange


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