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Name & Info

Downloadable U.S. Code Title 38 "Veterans Benefits"

Veterans Organizations (VFW List)

National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records Web Site

Download form SF 180  to request a copy of  DD Form 214

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans Of America, Austin, TX

Vietnam Veterans Of America, Florida State Coalition

AVVA (Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America)

Advocacy and Intelligence Index for POW/MIA

25th Inf Division Association

22nd Infantry Society

Tropic Lightning Silver-The Book

The 35th Infantry Regiment Assoc

The American Legion

Disabled American Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Department of Veterans Affairs

Paralyzed Veterans of America

The National Veterans Organization

75th Rangers Regiment Association

3rd Infantry Division, Society of

4th Infantry Division Assoc.

82nd Airborne Division Assoc.

173rd Airborne Brigade

29th Field Artillery Regimental Home Pages

11th Armored Calvary's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia

The Americal Division Veteran's Association

The First Cav Association's Homepage

Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers Association

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network

Vietnam Dog Handlers Association

Veterans Organizations & Support Groups

Veterans and Military Army Organizations

Naval History Center

The Moving Wall –Vietnam Combat Veterans LTD

The Virtual Wall

Point Man International Ministries

National Assoc. of State Directors of Veterans Affairs (NASADVA)

Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP)

U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Official Website of VVA Chapter 421 Staten Island, New York

2nd Battalion 94th Artillery, Vietnam

US Navy Seabee Battalion

The Vietnam Project


Korean War Commemoration

VFW Post 7705 Weaverville, California

Lyon Research..Researching medical records for veterans

3/17th Air Cav Reunion Association


Iraq War Veterans Organization

SmartSoldier: Get Advice. Share Knowledge. Stay Smart

Adopt A Soldier


Veterans Personal WebPages

Grunt's Military Site

The 11 Bravo Web Site

Advocacy an intelligence index for POW/MIA

Veterans Rights Law "Title 38"

Military Veterans and Retirees

Combat Veterans Page

"Veterans Organizations and Support Groups" Page

Veterans Net

WILDGUN/C Troop 11th Cav. - 2nd Platoon

Vietnam/POW/MIA J&J's Home Page

Saluting Americas Bravest

Aero medical Transport for Veterans

On-Line Medical Dictionary (Comprehensive Collection of Vietnam Records)

U.S. Veterans Information

Veterans Employment & Resource Service

Veterans Search Engine, "Find a Friend"

Veterans Resources Court Cases

No to USFSPA and Our Ever Eroding Veteran Benefits

Gulf War Veterans Page

Vietnam Casualty Search Page

US Army Insignia

Military Medals and Awards

FREE Patriotic Graphics (Must See!)

Military Reading List

Fire-Base Hope (Agent Orange info, Roster and more......)

Vietnam Veteran with the 1st Infantry Division & AO problems

Veterans Collectibles

Children of Vietnam Vets

The Delta Raiders

Simply Southeast Asia

Vietnam Veterans...101st Airborne

Vietnam...A Daughter Wants to Know

B Btry 2/56 ADA Veterans Website

Big J's 54th MP Det and Veteran's Memorial

Anchors Away (A tribute to my husband, and all Veterans)


U. S. Navy Boot Camp

Dog Tags Online

Dog Tags/Veterans Links

US Veterans Information (Non-Gov)

My Quiet Hero

Chargin Charlie 2/502 101st Airborne

The Reclamation Project Written by Former Vet Rep

The Vietnam Files (USMC Vietnam Unit records)

Comrades and military units, squadrons, regiments, ships etc, with over 50,000 members

Firebase Tennessee (Links for Veterans, Agent Orange, Searchable Data Base for the Wall, POW/MIA's, M.O.H. Recipients, Operation Ranch hand Study, and more)




Cyber Sarge's Agent Orange Page


Agent Orange Victims & Families

Agent Orange Website

Map on Agent Orange Sprayed Areas/RVN

VVA AO Article

VVA AO Update


Oklahoma AO Foundation

Where Can I Find Info On Agent Orange?


Latest AGENT ORANGE News briefing (March/2000)

AO Briefing

AO Debrief

NJ AGENT ORANGE Commission Home Page


US Air Force Ranch Hand Study

US Air Force Health Study

USAF Ranch Hand Herbicide Spraying from Aug 1965

VA's Agent Orange Health Effects and Vietnam Veterans

The Order of the Silver Rose

Agent Orange Widows Awareness Coalition

Suicide Wall

Gary's AGENT ORANGE/Dioxin Info Page

Agent Orange Information

Agent Orange Health Effects and Vietnam Veterans

Finding Aid for Agent Orange Materials Available at TTU

Agent Orange and Vietnam Related Research -VA Efforts

Agents Orange, White, and Blue; Dioxin; and Cancers


Chloracne, Dioxin, Hypertension, Peripheral Neuropathy, PTSD and Agent Orange Info


Stop Dioxin Exposure Campaign

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI)

Peripheral Neuropathy Registry (Sign Up Now! at this site)

Peripheral Neuropathy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD Military Manual

PTSD Help (help, information and support for those concerning PTSD

PTSD ALLIANCE (a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding victims and loved ones of trauma as a result of PTSD)

Hypertension (Heart Problems)











US Government

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Government Links

FirstGov your first click to the US Government

U.S. Constitution Online



Miscellaneous Information

Med Help International

Military Benefits & Pay

U.S Flag Etiquette

The American War Library

Bob Hope Show at Don Muang 1968

"THOMAS" Government Information Site

NEVER forget Jane Fonda

FREE Web Counters

Free Web Counters and MUCH More


Special Effects for Your Web Site (Dynamic Drive)

We the People Foundation "We DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TAXES"

Santel Internet (Personalized Promotional Products)



Some Phone Numbers & More Links That May Help

Phone#/WebLink Description
800-827-1000 VA Regional Office (Benefits)
202-565-8620 Office of Inspector General
800-697-6947 Office of National Cemetery System
800-669-8477 Government Life Insurance
800-PGW-Vets (749-8387) Persian Gulf Veterans Hotline
800-827-1000 Sexual Trauma Hotline
800-998-9999 Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Veterans Resource Center
800-VET-HELP (838-4357) National Coalition of Homeless Veterans
800-HELP-NOW (435-7669) American Red Cross
800-877-VETS (8387) Point Man International Ministries
202-501-5970 U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
800-810-VETS (8387) National Organization of Vets Advocates (Attorneys)
More Links From the DAV Web Site Veterans Benefits Administration VA Forms The VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications) website Compensation & Pension Forms Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Forms VA Forms Search Page Federal Benefits For Veterans and Dependents (2002 Edition PDF file)


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.Web Rings

.11th Cav  Nam   

.11th Cav Links  

.11th Cav Memorial .11th Cav  Cmdr's

Memorial Wall

Peripheral Neuropathy

VA Central Office

Memorial to Brother


W.Va. POW/MIA Links


Vietnam Veteran

Banner Links

Code Of Conduct

American Creed

American Flag

Agent Orange


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